Did you miss me?

People of the internet, you can breathe now.

I know you’ve been holding your breath for what seemed like an eternity, waiting in front of your computer for Write in the Wrong Way to reappear. And where the hell do I get off going radio silent like that anyway?! I’m such a naughty blogger.

To tell you the truth, for a good solid week, I completely forgot that I have a blog. Then when I remembered I started writing a post only to give up on it halfway through. It’s now collecting dust in my Drafts. I know the burning question in your minds: Where have I been?!?!

The answer: Soccer practices and games, Nutcracker practices, a Junior Dance Team workshop and performance, Girl Scout meetings, work and bed. Life up and swallowed me whole for two and a half weeks. Not that I’m any less busy now, but I’m feeling slightly less lazy in the free time that I do have. Oh, and my super sweet blogging buddy Simple Heart Girl  actually sent me an email to see how I’m doing because it had been so long since I’ve written. SHG, you are freaking awesome. Thank you for motivating me to write again!

This school year has been absolutely nucking futs. My kid is in all of the above activities and my husband is MIA with football coaching shit so I get stuck being the chauffeur, housekeeper, meal planner, pet caregiver, bill payer, etc. I won’t bitch and complain about the lack of his help, but it certainly doesn’t make the situation any easier. On top of all this, the trade association I work for is having our big annual conference next week so I’ve been busting my ass all day every day to get things done. Being “the admin” is not an easy job with something like this looming overhead. Suddenly everyone needs shit like, yesterday.

It’s all good though. I got this.

Being busy forces me to be hyper focused and prepared…. and I eat that shit up. I’ve been making bi-weekly meal plans taking into account which activities are scheduled each night. This helps my wallet because I only buy what’s needed to make the dinners and kid lunches. I don’t go crazy on snacks, I usually buy one “salty” snack and one “sweet” snack each trip. I make the snacks last longer by putting $20 on little J’s lunch account each time I get paid so I don’t have to pack every day. When the lunch calendar comes home she gets to circle 2 days each week to buy lunch. That leaves a little money leftover for those mornings when we both wake up late and breakfast consists of a pumpkin muffin and a hard-boiled egg so she ends up buying breakfast at school. Or, the leftover money goes to buying lunch on a day we should have packed because we both woke up late.

We love to sleep, can you tell?

I digress. I always keep baking supplies on hand and make one homemade treat each week. This week it was pumpkin muffins, last week it was also pumpkin muffins. Because they’re fucking delicious, that’s why. I buy a 2.5 dozen package of eggs and hard-boil half of them and keep them in the fridge. We have a popcorn maker and the jars of kernels last forever so there’s always home popped popcorn on hand for snacks too.

With activities right after work 3 days each week, being ready in the morning is essential. Knowing what I’m making for dinner each night well in advance gives me an opportunity to be UBER prepared. So if I’m doing a crock pot dinner on a Tuesday, I put all the ingredients into the crock pot on Monday night and keep it in fridge so all I have to do is plug it in the next morning. Sometimes if I’m feeling froggy, I’ll prepare meals ahead and freeze them. Then I put them in the fridge overnight/the next day to thaw and they’re ready to be popped in the oven when I get home. But I’m not just kicking ass in the food department, my organizational skills are also working in overdrive this fall.


Little J has a soccer bag, a Tae Kwon Do bag, and a Nutcracker bag to keep all her shit straight. I also have a soccer bag since I have to change from work to athletic clothes for coaching. A snack always gets packed in her activity bag for the ride to whatever activity because we don’t eat dinner until 7pm most nights these days. Having these bags packed the night before makes the morning of so much easier. Just grab the bag and we’re ready for later in the day. I change at work, she changes at Tae Kwon Do (which is her after-school care). She’s also gotten into the habit of doing double homework on nights when we don’t have anything going on so it’s one less thing to worry about on activity nights. Her idea, not mine!

What I’m trying to say is we’ve been busy as shit and doing it well. I think I can start blogging regularly again now that we’ve settled into a routine… we shall see!!

So tell me, dear friends, what have I missed? Let me know what you’ve been up to!!

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