Hey there Florida…

So I’m spending the week in Florida. I wish I could say it was for pleasure, but sadly it’s for work. Although I wouldn’t want to be here for pleasure cause the weather has fucking sucked!!  We had a storm here so bad this morning that some of our members saw a water spout. You know, a water tornado. WATER TORNADO.

Do you understand that? Horizontal rain, 60mph winds, rotating clouds. The ocean is like.. 100 feet away from where I’m sitting right now. It was a little fucking scary. I was sitting in a board meeting watching Weather Channel severe alerts pop up on my phone like text messages from a deranged stalker. Yesterday when I got here it was sprinkling, then pouring, then sunny, then pouring again. Super hot and humid, then crazy chilly and windy, then hot and humid again.

Fuck all of this. I don’t know how people can live with such volatile weather. I love the beach and all, but I don’t know if I could ever spend an extended period of time right on the edge of the ocean.  I feel like you’re simply asking for trouble.

Anyyyyyway. I’m staying at a super fancy resort so I can’t complain too much.  My room even has a private balcony so I can smoke!! Usually on work trips I’m sneaking out of the hotel multiple times each night for a nicotine fix since we’re crazy busy all day long. Not this time though. During my spare moments of free time I simply come up to my room and chill out on the balcony. Can’t beat that. Not to mention the whirlpool tub.. I’ll be ending this soon to take a late night bath. Not because I need one, or even want one, but simply because there are jets in my bathtub and I can! There’s even a TV in the bathroom so I could watch while I bathe if I desired. I’m more of a music bather though. Either way, options are nice to have.

I must say that my husband has been amazing in the two days I’ve been gone. I spent more time prepping and planning for him and Little J than I did for myself. It wasn’t even necessary though, because he is all over this shit. Although to steal some of his thunder, there are 4 sitters helping him out haha! Stupid football practice keeps him from being able to pick Little J up before after-school care ends (and by extension, getting her to Nutcracker and soccer practices). The report he gave me this evening while we Skyped was super sweet and I can tell that he’s doing everything he can to keep life “normal” while I’m gone.

Well… my tub is full and the jets are going full steam so I bid you adieu.

Goodnight from not-so-sunny Florida!


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4 thoughts on “Hey there Florida…

    • Well… I would normally say money. But in this case, time! I have to report to “work” at 6am every day that we’re here!! I normally don’t even wake up until 6:30am :P

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