Going with the flow.

Good evening out there in internet land! This post comes to you from my whirlpool bathtub.

As in, I’m in the bathtub writing this post. If my laptop survives to see me push the “publish” button, we are in good shape!! I couldn’t NOT write tonight because I had a really phenomenal afternoon and evening that I wanted to share with you.

My work meeting is going swimmingly and the weather was exactly as we were all hoping it would be today: warm & sunny. For the first time since we got here, I actually felt like I was in Florida!

Starting the day at 5:00am was unpleasant, to say the least. When the first part of the day ended at noon I was ready to kill the next person that looked at me funny, no joke. My colleagues wanted to immediately go out to lunch but I knew I would need a cigarette to keep from going white girl crazy on them when the stupid comments started to fly. So I came back to my room, smoked, and then joined them.

Things got exponentially better from there! After lunch I took a nice long walk on the beach. Lacking swim clothes, I just walked ankle-deep in the ocean for half an hour, then collected really cool seashells for Little J for another half hour. Then I simply sat on the beach. I don’t know how long I spent sitting there, but every single moment was amazing. The ocean was breathtaking, the breeze was perfect, and the sunshine was warm.


I think I actually meditated for a little while. I don’t know exactly what meditation entails, but I sat there cross-legged with my hands In my lap and the ocean spray/wind on my face with my eyes closed. I heard every bird, every wave, every passerby…. it was one of the most peaceful times of my entire life. I could have spent an eternity there but I have really bad posture n my back started hurting after a while.

So I came back up to shower and noticed one of my coworkers sitting out on the beautiful patio outside of our second floor rooms. I decided to join her (although I had no intention of bringing my laptop out and working as she was). Fuck that, I worked my ass off to prepare for this meeting and as far as I’m concerned there is NOTHING going on that can’t wait till we get back to the office.


I grabbed a patio chair and laid down. Oh my fucking god people. This chair was like heaven on earth. THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR I HAVE EVER LAID IN! No lie. So of course I passed out. Early morning + ocean air + comfortable chair (and a soothing fountain on the patio) = sleep. Like the dead.

Finally my colleague woke me up to tell me I was going to be late to dinner if I kept sleeping. That woman is now my hero for waking me up without stirring the devil inside of me that usually rears its ugly head when I’m woken up from an earth-shatteringly amazing nap. After a lightning fast shower, I dressed and made myself presentable to head down for babysitting duty. This consisted of getting people onto buses, which is pretty much like herding cats.

Once we all finally got there, the place we went to dinner tonight was abso-fucking-lutely AMAZING! Awesome, wonderful, positive, productive, perfect. A great way to end a day that started out not so great at all. However, it’s now 11:36 and I no longer feel all happy, happy, joy, joy. Instead I’m feeling pretty grumpy again. Ordering a second 5am wake-up call will do that to ya, you know?

So once again, I bid you adieu. But this time… from BEAUTIFUL sunny Florida!!!

3 thoughts on “Going with the flow.

  1. Don’t you have to wake up at 5 am everyday? I do. Maybe that is why I am so bitter all the time. I’m glad at least someone has nice weather to work with. I’m in the crappy cold and cloudy weather.

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