Friday, October 18:

1:00am – ceased packing boxes in our staff office/room at the resort because the building was being closed for the night.

1:30am – ordered room service chicken tenders and french fries because I didn’t eat much at dinner due to an endless barrage of questions and conversations from the members I sat with.

2:00am – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

6:00am – went back to the staff room to continue packing.

8:00am – ate breakfast.

8:30am – packed my suitcase and carry-on bags.

9:00am – checked out and wandered around the property while waiting for my cab to get there.

9:45am – hopped in a cab headed to Jacksonville Airport.

10:30am – got stopped in security and was made to feel like an idiot because I forgot about the water bottle in my bag.  fuck you TSA.

11:45am – boarded a plane and slept the entire flight. I’m pretty sure I drooled.

2:15pm – politely conversed with the coworker who offered to drive me home so I didn’t have to take a cab. also thought to myself that I would never get into a car with her again because she’s one of THOSE people who I always want to murder when I’m on the highway.

3:00pm – arrived home and alerted Little J’s school & after-school program that I would be picking her up myself.

3:45pm – wrapped my arms around my sweet little girl and squeezed her tight and kissed her beautiful little face.

4:00pm – adorned her with the seashells I collected, chocolates from the hotel’s turn-down service that I saved for her, and the one small gift I always bring her after a work trip (a snow globe from the airport I visited).

4:15pm – unsuccessfully tried to convince her to skip soccer practice.

4:30pm – baked peanut butter cookies at her request. what can I say? I’m a total pushover on days like this.

5:30pm – coached soccer practice. was made painfully aware that being patient with 12 hyper third grade girls is nearly impossible on 4 hours of sleep.

6:45pm – arrived home, changed and packed a bag for J’s football game.

7:30pm – froze my ass off and ate a not so awesome snack shack pizza dinner. a far cry from the gourmet seafood I’ve enjoyed all week.

9:30pm – decided to leave before the other team’s half-time homecoming thing because the students from their school were the most fucking rude, obnoxious and asshole-ish human beings I’ve ever had the displeasure of laying eyes on.

10:00pm – put Little J in bed.

10:15pm – made a chronological list of everything I’ve done today.

10:16pm – passed out before publishing this post.

Saturday, October 19:

7:15am – woke up because Jason kissed me goodbye on his way to football practice.

7:20am – woke up again because I remembered that we had to be at the soccer field by 7:45am. cursed violently under my breath.

7:40am – ran out the door with the kid.

8:00am – coached a soccer game. lost by 1 point.

9:15am – returned home to change and get ready for Little J’s school 1/2 mile race. drank 2 cups of coffee, made a third for the road.

10:00am – arrived at the race to stand in line for 20 minutes to check in.

10:45am – cheered Little J on to be the first girl across the finish line.

11:45am – dragged the kid back to the car after the last race, listened to her whine desperately about her throat hurting.

12:00pm – made her a cup of decaf chai tea. fed the bearded dragon. started laundry. cursed violently under my breath some more because I promised my pregnant best friend we would stay the night with her tonight.

12:45pm – made another chronological list of all the things I’ve done today.

12:53pm – published this stupid post that has only one point to it: I’m fucking tired.

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