We have been without cable TV for almost 2 months. Can you believe that no one in my home has gone insane or died yet?! It was a desperate attempt to lower the monthly household bills in an effort to pay more off our debts. Joy.

I’m here to tell you that it worked. And I LOVE not having cable anymore!!! Our bill went from $160 down to $50 for internet only and this month is the first time that I saw a real difference. When that call came (you know, the one that says “We’re going to shut your shit off if you don’t pay”), I hopped online to see what the damage was then sighed a huge breath of relief when I remembered that it was so much less!

With that being said, I do secretly miss the DVR option. That’s it. I just want to be able to record shit so I can watch it on my time! I missed the premier of Walking Dead and last week’s Revolution. Gone forever. I’m too lazy to find them online and my laptop is rarely ever charged longer than the time it takes to bang out a mediocre blog post and slam it shut again!

Someday we’ll go back to cable, although I have a feeling after being so long without it we’ll all be glued to the TV for days until our eyeballs burn into the sockets. We shall see. Or shant we? Is shant even a word? The little red squiggly line is telling me it isn’t, so please take a moment to add shant to your vocabulary. Definition: opposite of shall.

This post just took two wrong turns and got lost on the road to nowhere, sorry about that people. I had a point…

Right. No cable TV = more money + more family time ( – two shows I’m still pissed about missing). But who’s counting anyway?

Where do you stand on cable? Could you live without it? Do you?


4 thoughts on “Unplugged.

  1. shan’t is indeed a word. it’s a contraction of shall + not. and we have never ever had cable. we actually don’t have TV either, but we get netflix thru the computer, and more recently we got a roku box so we can see things from amazon prime. it’s been good for documentaries and homeschool-related programs, and a life-saver for those boring days when we just need some videos for the kids to watch to keep them busy… i stayed with my sister a while back, who has cable television- and honestly i’m surprised that anyone with cable ever gets anything done! hahahaha- there are so many options any time day or night i think i would just become a TV junky! i can’t speak to the money aspect of it all, but we definitely do seem to have much more quality family time than lots of other families i know… good luck to you!

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