you should get nervous when people want to protect you from yourself

Reblogging this because it’s an important issue that I don’t know enough about but should. When I do stop to actually consider the complete and utter CRAP that I am feeding myself and my family, it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I don’t buy the “better” stuff for the most part because it’s already so expensive, but I DO try to minimize the amount of prepackaged BS that comes into my home by making more things from scratch rather than purchasing the easy way out (ie: cookies, potato chips). Read this post, and pass it on!


there is a very important issue coming up on the washington ballot called I-522. it is a measure to require labels on food products that contain genetically modified ingredients. it wouldn’t be a big scary warning, like those on cigarette packs, because quite frankly we just don’t know enough yet about the long-term effects of genetically modified foods on human beings to warrant such a precaution. but it would be an informational label, similar to the ingredient label, thus enabling consumers to make informed decisions about the foods they purchase and consume.

public support here was pretty high for 522, but recently we have seen a massive media barrage warning us of dire consequences should 522 pass. ads on the radio that i have heard warn of huge lawsuits, undue expenses to consumers, and unfair burdens on companies who want to sell to buyers in washington (which will have different…

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