Can I get your digits?

I’m having one of those evenings where my mind is racing from one thing to the next.

Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, you-just-had-a-baby gifts, my daughter’s activity schedule, the badge project I offered to do for Girl Scouts, the Nutcracker practice she’s at tonight, what kind of freezer meals to make for my friend, email signatures.

Yes, email signatures. I was thinking about them because I wondered what would happen if the dance coach needed to reach us (ie: if little J hurt herself). Your first thought is that she would call, right? Me too. I am reassured because I know that she can pull up any email from me and know that my number is under my name at the end of the message. My husband’s is the same way. We’re all good.

I have been on the other side of the situation and not been able to find a soccer kid’s parent’s phone number before. It was fucking irritating, and a little scary. Yeah sure they filled out medical forms but those were at home (I know, I should keep them on me. I’m only human okay?). Luckily I was able to pull it up on my phone from the team roster on the youth league website but that took a lot longer to execute than opening an email.

Then I got to thinking… people should put their fucking phone numbers in their email signatures! Work, personal, whatever. Give me another way to reach you for shit sake. Unless you’re cool with me notifying you of an injury to your child via Gmail. I’m pretty slow at typing on my phone, you should consider that in your decision.

But seriously, go check yours now to make sure it’s there.




6 thoughts on “Can I get your digits?

  1. maybe people should start being able to generate multiple phone numbers like they do with email addresses and then they could dial some random version of your number but it would forward to your actual phone… hunh- wanna get on inventing that for all us folks who don’t want to give our real numbers to most other people on the planet? hahahahaha… btw- can i share your 1-800 number?

  2. People tend to be pretty possessive (paranoid) with their numbers. Actually, I’m finding that when it comes to dating people can be possessive when it comes to their last names, too. That one really surprised me.

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