It’s Michael Jackson for shit sake!!!!!!

So yesterday after work, I got into my best friend’s husband’s car. He’s letting me borrow it until I buy a car which will be in the next week or so. Isn’t that sweet?? There’s something to be said for having good friends.

Anyway. I turned up my favorite radio station and the DJ was on. He played a super short clip of Billie Jean and asked people to call in and tell him what song/artist it was. Then I listened to clip after clip of people guessing completely ridiculous shit. Justin Bieber. Lady GaGa. USHER. Like… are they for fucking real?! I tried to call in and it was busy so I shrugged it off and switched over to my iPod instead.

TODAY I get into the car and what the fuck greets my ears? A super short clip of Billie Jean and a number of stupid ass guesses. I was infuriated. There is absolutely no possible way that NO ONE has called in with the right answer. I knew the DJ was editing the clips to make it seem like people really can’t figure it out. I hate when people try to dupe me. That has to be what was happening though… It’s Michael Jackson for shit sake, who doesn’t know that?!

I tried to call in like 73 times. I’m not exaggerating. Busy signal every fucking time. I’m still mad, and I’m probably going to grumble about it for the rest of the evening.

Liar liar pants on fire!


4 thoughts on “It’s Michael Jackson for shit sake!!!!!!

  1. for the record, if i recognized billie jean, i might pretend i didn’t just to save a shred of my dignity (hahahaha- my husband, who was raised in england, thinks michael jackson is super awesome!). not that i would recognize a single song by either justin beiber or usher, though, for real ;)

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