The end is near.

This draft was started on 11/18/13. The last of this 3-part “draft” series. As per my own rules (which can be found here) I’m publishing this post as is. I’m not sorry for any ridiculous errors. This is the rules folks.

I can feel it. We’re almost there… the light is dim but I can see it peeking at me  from the end of the tunnel.

Fall is almost over.

Thank fucking god.

This past weekend Little J was in an All Star tournament for soccer. Her team made it to the quarter-finals then lost in a single elimination match. All done! Dirty shin guards and stinky cleats tucked away in the soccer bag that will sit in the bottom of a dark closet until Spring…. Huge sigh of relief. Of course she was devastated but one delicious Wendy’s lunch and a car ride home singing about farts to the tune of songs playing on the radio fixed that right up! Yes, farts. We changed the lyrics ad-lib style because the three of us were extremely gassy and Little J thinks that’s fucking hilarious. Why fight it?

Tonight I’m writing to you from the high school where she will be performing in the Nutcracker in 2 weeks. Two pain in the ass weeks full of practices and dress rehearsals until I can say “good riddance” to all this bullshit. No ballet ever again, no way, no how. This cult-like society of dancers is a little too unrealistic for my tastes, thank you very much. So I sit here while droves of children run up and down hallways like maniacs while their parents sit idly by, chit chatting about flu shots and complaining about their neighbors.

It would be awesome to just go home while waiting for the 1.5 hour practice to end but I like just far enough away to make that a stupid ass trip. Ugh.

Misery loves company so I thought I would take a video to show you exactly why I want to grab a BB gun and shoot all these stupid fucking little kids in their faces. Shoot.Them.In.The.Face.

With BBs.


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