Posted in December 2013

Quickies are fun!

Good morning people of the internet! This post is coming to you live from my desk, at work. Normally I would be super pissed about working the day after Christmas.. but I love my job so much that I don’t really mind. Someone (2 people, specifically) have to stay here to keep the office open … Continue reading

Seeking: A little peace.

This morning, like so many mornings of my life, I flew off the handle. Yelled and screamed. Raged on my innocent little 8-year-old daughter. Totally acted like a goddamn fool. Why? Well, my excuses this morning ranged from “because this apartment is a fucking disaster!” to “since when does read-in day at school mean blankets … Continue reading

Another car accident.

Can you even believe it? I’m in shock myself. That’s three accidents in my family since April. This time it’s not my husband or daughter though, it’s my mother and stepfather. As usual, the situation is still in progress. I have very few details. I just dropped little J and her friend off at a Girl … Continue reading



im·ma·te·ri·al [im-uh-teer-ee-uhl] adjective 1. of no essential consequence; unimportant. 2.not pertinent; irrelevant. My feet are burning hot but my arms are freezing cold. That’s what happens when you use a space heater on the floor in front of your feet and under your desk. Your poor arms get no love. Not only that, but they … Continue reading