im·ma·te·ri·al [im-uh-teer-ee-uhl]
1. of no essential consequence; unimportant.
2.not pertinent; irrelevant.

My feet are burning hot but my arms are freezing cold. That’s what happens when you use a space heater on the floor in front of your feet and under your desk. Your poor arms get no love. Not only that, but they are jacked up on the desk all day screwing with the blood flow and all that madness.

I had a rough morning with my husband yesterday. He & little J had a 2-hour delay for school but I still had to be at work at 8:30am. I should mention up front that I simply don’t do mornings. I hate them. I never wake up feeling refreshed, only dog tired because I can never drag my ass to bed at a decent time. This is my life, has been since forever. Anyway. Having my husband all in my shit between the hours of 6:30 & 7:30am is a straight up disaster. I literally could just look at him and be set off into a fuming ball of rage. I like my routine and having him in my way, not helping me, and just being generally annoying is beyond my ability to deal with in the morning. For more of my stupid morning shenanigans, click here.

So I bitched and screamed and yelled and dumped his coffee outside of our front door like a pissed off toddler in the hopes of really stickin’ it to him. He laughed. Glad he loves me even though I have psychotic tendencies :)

The Nutcracker is OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Despite Little J’s disappointment, I am quite happy to have my evenings back. Schlepping her back and forth to dress rehearsals (which took 1.5 hours from the time I left work until the moment she stepped on stage) was causing me to slowly die inside. A painful death. 4 shows and one fame-drunk diva later, we are back to whatever kind of normal our life normally looks like. No soccer. No dance. Just her regularly scheduled programming: Tae Kwon Do (which is her after school care) and bi-weekly Girl Scout meetings.

Although very, very soon you get to hear me bitch about Girl Scout cookies. Aren’t you excited? This will be my 4th year as “The Cookie Mom”. Because I’m a fucking idiot, that’s why. Moving on…

I busted my pinky in a door last week. It was pretty nasty… I was afraid for a few days that I was going to lose the nail. I would have been beside myself… but it seems to be healing okay. I know you wanna see pictures:


Right afterwards..


Later that day…

I’m too lazy to take a picture of what it looks like now, just know it’s not quite as disgusting. Only slightly.

Oh.. it snowed! You probably got snow too. Probably better snow than what we got in Northern VA… it was the wet kind that makes everything a muddy, slushy nightmare. HOWEVER! We’ve been wanting to build snowpeople for years and haven’t had more than a dusting so here is another picture for you, of our kind of deformed snow family:


In other news, I had my first annual review at work yesterday. I’m proud to announce that it went swimmingly (does anyone actually use that word anymore?). Apparently my boss likes me a lot and has been very impressed with my work in the 11 months that I’ve been here. Not that I was worried he would feel any other way.. I’ve been busting my ass to do as much as humanly possible for the organization because I desperately need a new title and more money! I don’t think the underpaid administrative assistant look is very flattering. So after a carefully laid out proposal and a couple of neatly typed documents, it looks like I’ll be getting both wishes :) I actually get to “create” my new position then sit back down with him to chat salary. It’s very exciting stuff!!!!!

Oh. I got a really sweet Christmas bonus, which I had no idea was coming. So.. that’s always fun too :)

And with that, dear internet people, I think I’ll close the books on this rambling post.



8 thoughts on “immaterial

  1. HA! i just watched it :)
    he reminds me so much of one of my friends back in detroit- not in his delivery at all, but in everything he writes… maybe if he really lives in seattle i should stalk him- do you think he would be open to that? ;)

    • Nope. In fact, he lives on the complete opposite side of the country haha. We made a video together and did a LOT of communicating through the process! If you search my blog for bitter entertainment news you can watch it, it’s pretty funny :)

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