Another car accident.

Can you even believe it? I’m in shock myself. That’s three accidents in my family since April. This time it’s not my husband or daughter though, it’s my mother and stepfather.

As usual, the situation is still in progress. I have very few details. I just dropped little J and her friend off at a Girl Scout shin dig and my husband is working security for a high school basketball game so I’m sitting here by myself going nuts. Smoking cigarettes. Blogging because if I don’t do something I might implode.

My 25-year-old brother lives with them and they called him to come get them. The text he sent me made me feel de ja vu: “The B’s  were in an accident (their last name, what we call them to each other). Everyone’s okay.”

I am really fucking sick of getting this text message. Just like when I got these ones, my heart stopped then starting pounding and I was all of a sudden out of breath. Standing in line at 7-11. I have a 12-year-old sister and 7-year-old brother, and my grandmother also lives with them. Yes, it’s always a fucking circus at their place. I was worried that they might have been in the car.

Of course I immediately asked him if they were, to which he replied “I don’t know. I’m on my way there now.” Then nothing for 16 minutes.

He tells me that “a stupid fat bitch t boned trying to pull out of a gas station like a fucking idiot its always impatient dumb shit like that that is most dangerous and only a matter of time til being that fucking stupid almost kills someone. Mom’s neck hurts but she is like refusing to go to the hospital I think cuz she just doesn’t want to deal with it im trying to tell her that she needs to go or else the chick cant be held responsible in the future”

She’s now awaiting an ambulance after some strong suggesting from my brother. As you can see, he’s pretty pissed off. Now I’m worried that the next call I get will be that he has gone to jail cause he attacked the driver that hit them. Fingers crossed he behaves himself … although I remember at the crash that J and little J were in, I was legitimately yelling “where’s this fucking bitch that hit my husband and my daughter?!” So I completely get where he’s coming from. But still.

I haven’t gotten any replies to the 7 text messages I’ve sent. So I wait.. impatiently as hell.

While I’m on the subject of car accidents, I guess I’ll update you that I finally bought another car after mine was totaled in October. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks, it’s a Nissan Versa. It’s a pretty cool little car, I’m happy with it. I ended up buying from a family friend who owns a buy-here-pay-here dealership. He gave me a good deal on the price and the interest isn’t crazy insane. Just a little bit.

I don’t even have my real tags yet.. that’s how fresh it still is. I don’t know why all of a sudden my family is accident prone. None of us had been in a wreck in a long, long time until now. Fucking hell.

I guess I’ll post an update to this situation at some point, but knowing me that’s probably a week+ from now. Until then, do me a favor and don’t drive like fucking assholes on the road. K?



6 thoughts on “Another car accident.

  1. oh my goodness- time to start driving an armor-plated vehicle, i’d say… i thought the only people who drove like this were retired folks in florida- yikes! for real, though- please be so, so careful…

    • Thank you.. it’s been pretty crazy. When I talked to my mom this morning she told me she got into a minor accident yesterday morning too!! Was pulling out of a parking spot and someone flew around a corner and hit her in my grandmother’s car. So now they have two cars to repair (and pay insurance deductibles for). And the brakes on their third car were scheduled to be replaced today anyway.. I feel so bad for them.

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