Quickies are fun!

Good morning people of the internet! This post is coming to you live from my desk, at work. Normally I would be super pissed about working the day after Christmas.. but I love my job so much that I don’t really mind. Someone (2 people, specifically) have to stay here to keep the office open so I’m “taking one for the team”! Not that I wouldn’t rather be home with my munchkin playing with new Christmas stuff.. but it will still be there when I get home.

Little J however, will not be! She had so much fun playing with my little brother and sister yesterday that she begged us to stay there with them! She was even willing to forgo opening her gifts from us (and Santa) at home if it meant she could stay at my mom’s house. That’s a pretty damn big deal. So I told her she could go back today and stay through the weekend. J will be meeting my step-dad halfway to make the kid transfer this afternoon while I’m still at work.

I’m a little sad to be without her for a few days right after Christmas, but I know that she’ll have more fun playing with my siblings (7 and 12) than with us. I can’t even be offended… I’m happy that she has “fake siblings” to share her new toys and games with! I’m also looking forward to putting off grocery shopping for a few days since we don’t really cook meals while she’s gone. If it weren’t for having a kid in the house, I literally would never cook at all haha so cheers to taking a break from parental responsibilities!

These few days will also give us time to hang up all her cool new bedroom decorations to surprise her when she gets home as well. I have to say, he and I did a really fantastic job on Christmas this year. We didn’t overspend, and we didn’t give in to guilt and buy the obnoxiously expensive “techy” stuff that topped Little J’s list. Most parents feel compelled to oblige because they don’t want their kids to go without.. but I would rather stick to my guns and buy things that will last her longer than a year before it is outdated.

Random side note… today only myself, a coworker and my boss are in the office. My boss just walked in in jeans. I got dressed up all nice and pretty but was desperately wishing I could wear jeans. Fail!

All in all we had a super wonderful amazing fantastic Christmas. Everyone loved the gifts we gave them and I didn’t stop smiling and laughing the entire time I was at my parent’s. There was no stress, no drama, no fighting. Just good old-fashioned family fun!

I hope that you and your families also had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and that any travels are safe and uneventful.

More later.



3 thoughts on “Quickies are fun!

  1. I think people like me and you should be given medals of honor for working this week. I’m tired of not being rewarded handsomely for doing my job and other people’s when I am not being entered in a Bitter Hall of Fame.

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