Happy New Year!

And was it Kwanzaa recently? I was wished a Happy Kwanzaa more than once, which is weird because I don’t celebrate it. I guess I should have flown off the handle and gotten really offended because of that… but instead I just said thanks and smiled. Cause that shit doesn’t bother me. Happy fucking Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Festivus and what the hell ever while we’re at it. Funny how “Happy Holidays” is the easiest way to wish everyone well in the December-January time frame but it pisses so many small-minded fuckers off.

Look, I haven’t even “started” this post and I already am digressing. Fucking A. I started a really nice and well thought out post shortly after Christmas and never did finish it [SURPRISE]. It was gonna be one of those “reflecting on 2013 making changes for 2014” kind of post. I bet you’re glad I didn’t hit publish, huh?

It’s ironic because one of my MANY resolutions for 2014 (I made a lot so that if I fuck up a few, I still have a shot at succeeding in something), is to blog more often. Specifically, I was going to try blogging EVERY day.


Then I remembered that I’m a lazy shit and can barely get my ass motivated weekly let alone daily.

So anyway, here’s my first blog of the year.. woopty fuckin do. Something more substantial to come… someday?



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