That’s how Little J’s first time sledding down a big hill was… complete and epic fail. Not only did she evict herself from her own sled at the bottom of the hill, but….

I’ll let you see for yourself:

She got back up the hill in one piece, luckily.


7 thoughts on “Fail.

  1. I almost seriously hurt myself the last time I went sledding. I hit a pothole in the snow and flew and then landed hard on my ass. I had a bruise the next day. I think I’ll leave the sledding to the youngsters.

    • I think I’m with you. That same day we went I took a big spill and still have the sore butt to prove it :) Glad mine wasn’t caught on camera though, apparently I literally flipped head over heels. Or heels over head? Either way, OW!

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