That’s how I’m feeling today. (Note: I did a Google search to make sure that is a real word. I use it all the time, never bothered to fact check myself.)

It is real. And my irritability is so real. It’s all because I had to work today when J & Little J get to stay at home. That pisses me right the fuck off. Cause I’m jealous, and want to play with them…. instead I’m working.

Why are they home, you ask? Just kidding! If you live anywhere besides CA or FL you are in the same type of sub-zero freezing weather that I am and you already know why schools are closed. PS: My husband is a high school teacher. So when the kid is off school, he is off school. I should be grateful, but I would happily take a day at home spending time with the kid over being at work ANYTIME!

The wind chill here in northern VA was -13ºF this morning, so they cancelled school to save the children of shitty parents from having frostbite or hypothermia. My kid would have been dressed appropriately and spent minimal time outside but sadly not all parents are as amazing as I am. Also… not all of them can drive their precious cargo to the school and walk them through the door VS. having them walk to school or stand at a bus stop for any period of time.

I hear and see a lot of people bitching about school closings for “cold” – they should seriously shut the fuck up and sit down. And if they have school-aged kids, they should doubly shut the fuck up. It is for the safety of all our little brats that school districts make the decisions that they do. If schools around here stayed open today, at least half the parent population would have been in a fucking outrage! Can’t please everybody.

Speaking of none of this, Little J “met” her biological dad this past Sunday. It was the first time he’d seen her since she was a year old. Can we say AWKWARD?! I would give you more details but I have a shit ton of work to do and my self-allotted WordPress bitch session has officially ended.

Thinking warm thoughts,



7 thoughts on “Crotchety.

      • 100% for real! you’re like that cool chick that says what you wish you could (i.e. who i used to be before i became an uptight suburban mom- hahahaha) and i live vicariously through your letting-it-fly! :)

        • I’m so glad!!! Sometimes I wonder (but only for like .0001 second) if I’m too offensive with my “fuck everything” attitude. I appreciate the encouragement to keep it all hanging out there! :)

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