I’m sitting around solo tonight because my husband is “working” a basketball game. Not actually coaching, more of a security type position.


I’m looking around because I did a lot of picking up, straightening and cleaning this evening. I like to survey my work and look for anything I might have missed while I wait for the dryer to finish.. when I get that spark of motivation I make sure to do every fucking chore I’ve been putting off cause when it’s gone.. I’m done.

I’ve been picturing all the things we did here in preparation for the wedding. Right down to the proposal in the kitchen.

Eventually we will move out of this apartment (sooner rather than later, I hope), and I’ll be bringing nothing but fond thoughts with me. This is essentially where I produced my wedding.

We sat against the living room wall to take the picture that we used for the Save the Dates. We actually hand crafted those STDs (giggle) at the kitchen table! Then we sat at that same table for hours addressing those envelopes by hand. The front door brought us gifts shipped from loved ones containing items from our registry. The registry was put together on the couch, on the same laptop this blog post is coming to you from.

Eventually the front door brought all the parts and pieces that would make our big day perfect. Silk flowers, shoes, accessories, invitations… Then our living room, dining room and kitchen transformed into a wedding planners wildest dreams. I had staging areas for my staging areas. One pile in the living room for completed centerpieces, a pile in the dining room for materials and things that needed to be put together, a pile on the kitchen table where all the magic happened.


The walls of my kitchen saw flower stems become beautiful bouquets. Lonely roses turned into boutonnieres. Beautiful blooms transformed into corsages. Centerpieces came to life in the glow of the sun through my kitchen windows. My bedroom became the hiding place for gifts and secret, special garments. Hiding my veil in the closet is an adventure I’ll always remember!

062313223407   Corsages   Boutonnieres

The sit-in window in my bedroom now holds the deconstructed remnants of the best day of my life. A thrown together centerpiece surrounded by scattered rose petals, favors and flowers. The wall by the bathroom holds our completed sand ceremony and “wedding tree” which we used as a guest list.

Literally everywhere I look, I am struck by the happiest memories of my life.

We’ve spent 3 1/2 years in this apartment and will almost certainly be moving out this summer. I cannot justify another rent increase for the same amount of living space. The rate hike each time is motherfuckingcriminal. With that being said.. I will never regret our time here. This chapter of our lives has been the absolute best and most exciting I’ve ever experienced.

Warm & Fuzzy Thoughts,



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