Tap tap tap… Is this thing on?

Most of you know, because you’re stalkers loyal followers, that I had a blog before this one. If you didn’t know – now you do!

My first blog was started in January 2013 and was titled Unfinished Bizness. I fucking loved that blog. I killed last winter after a run in with my father. He read some things on it that he didn’t like, even though he totally misconstrued the content, and I shut it all down. I was afraid that someone who I actually cared about might stumble on it and have the same reaction! My father, ehh.. no big loss there. He ended up not coming to my wedding this past summer, so I think we’re officially broken up. If you’re curious – use the category titled “Daddy Issues” to read more about my dysfunctional fucked up family.

I started Write in the Wrong Way after that and went totally anonymous out of fear. Over the past few months, I’ve stopped caring so much. I even put a cute little disclaimer on my “About” page letting any friends or acquaintances that might potentially find my blog that I don’t care! I don’t think I post any particularly hateful things about people I know, and I certainly don’t share the blog with my friends and family.. so no harm no foul right?

Names will remain anonymous and you won’t find any pictures of my munchkin on here. That will not change.

Today I’ve been messing around with some of my settings because it’s been months since I checked any of them. I made a few changes that I hope will broaden my audience beyond the 6 or so blogging buddies of mine that check in regularly (I LOVE YOU GUYS)!!! I know I haven’t been posting anything meaningful lately… hell, I’ve barely posted at all. But I want to. And more importantly than that, I am officially letting the world know that I really truly do not care who finds my blog and reads the content. What I write is honest (the brutal variety) and completely me. I curse a lot in my writing because that’s how I speak. What you read on Write in the Wrong Way is all Amanda, all the time. Not anything I’ve edited with the audience in mind.

So now that I’ve reintroduced myself (and published a new post to test the search engine stuff I messed with).. I will begrudgingly get back to work.

Until later….



7 thoughts on “Tap tap tap… Is this thing on?

    • I really wish. I don’t live in the right part of the country, that’s for sure! Every year I cross my fingers and toes for one huge snow storm that we can enjoy longer than 3 hours before it starts melting away!!!

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