Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

I guess the old adage is to give you the bad news first, then slap you with the good news to sop up your tears. I don’t know. I think in this situation I would rather start with the good news. It’s more tangible, more relevant, easier to deal with. The bad news kind of feels like a sink hole that just keeps growing with no rhyme or reason to the hows or whys. So… here we go.

I got a promotion yesterday at work.

I’m pretty fucking excited about it, although I was on my very last thread of patience waiting for the announcement to come. This promotion stems from the annual review I had with our boss in December. I asked for a promotion and a raise. He said the promotion makes sense, and we could talk about the raise after the promotion is finalized. The reason I’m not using more !!!!!!!!!!!!! and some :) :) :) is because I’m nervous as shit to bring the money conversation back up. It took me 2 weeks of preparing and rehearsing to have the balls to ask the first time around. I have to muster up enough courage to bring it up again. I’m trying not to consider the option that he’s hoping I forgot about it.. cause that would make me sad. I don’t make nearly what I should, given what I do (and of course, my new job title). So I need to send an email today requesting a meeting next week then I need to once again prepare and rehearse… and do some market research. I wish this process wasn’t so stressful and I could be like “Hey, can I get more cash in my paychecks? Thanks pal.”

I’m no longer the “Administrative Assistant”!!!!!!!!! That deserves lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!! For me it’s not just about the money.. but the title too. The status, if you will. I hated being “the admin” because I’m capable of so much more than that and being underused at work is such a frustrating feeling. Now I am the “Project Coordinator” which is a much better fit :) :) :) :) Call me a happy camper. Well… a mostly happy camper. My job title progression over my working life has been this:

Rite Aid Pharmacy Cashier, Assisted Living Dining Room Server, Hallmark Slave Cashier, Insurance Agency Secretary, Property & Casualty Insurance Agent, Teen Summer Camp Counselor, Wachovia Bank Teller, Welfare to Work Case Manager, Workforce Development Coordinator, Family Strengthening Program Manager, Window/Door Installation & Service Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Trade Association Project Coordinator.

You can see why being “the admin” would be super frustrating, right? I’ve been someone’s manager before. I’ve managed an entire department, actually. So here I am, trying to climb my way back up the ladder to my earlier status. One fucking rung at a time. Anyway. I’m on my way there, so I’m happy.

Okay, here it comes…. the bad news.

My brother was back in rehab. Then was out. And is going back in again.

Of course it’s a long story. Here’s the gist:

Brother gets new Kindle for Christmas after his was “stolen” a few months ago. Brother loves Kindle and  uses it constantly. Mother & Sister suspect Brother has been using drugs again due to the telltale mood swings and late night disappearances & constant lack of money despite steady employment and minimal bills. Stepdad notices Brother has not used Kindle in a couple of days. Says something to Mother about it. Mother texts Brother and asks, Brother admits he pawned it. Then Brother says he’s not doing well, and he needs help. Mother’s heart breaks. Mother tells Sister, Sister’s heart breaks too.

Mother researches treatment centers, finds one that seems to be a good fit, talks to the Brother about it. Brother is skeptical as he has never voluntarily entered rehab, but eventually agrees to do it. Brother and Girlfriend spend his last free weekend with Mother, Stepdad, Little Brother & Little Sister, then comes home to pack. Girlfriend is there all along, like a fucking leech. Mother takes Brother to treatment center. Happy go lucky hunky dory kumbaya and whatever other bullshit transpires. Brother asks Mother not to come for first visiting day because it is the last day of detox. Mother finds out halfway through the week that Girlfriend checked herself into the same treatment center just a day after Brother did. Mother is furious and calls Girlfriend’s mother and explains that only a piece of shit human being would sabotage rehab like that. Girlfriend’s Mother plays dumb, because she is fucking dumb. Brother & Girlfriend can stay but must sign contract to never tell a soul they are together.

Brother gets in trouble for discussing how hard rehab is when your significant other is trying to get clean too. Vague statement taken out of context gets Brother kicked out. Then Girlfriend discharges herself too. Brother gets it, and starts looking for another place to go. Girlfriend posts all over her Facebook page that he is the forever to her always and Sister wants to kill her. Second rehab of choice costs too much money. Brother and Mother are in limbo. Brother is not safe until he is back in rehab and apparently not even then with psycho co-dependent Girlfriend on the loose. Brother is not working and has too much time to think about how sober he is. Sister wishes there is something she can do but thinks of nothing.

The end.

3 thoughts on “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

  1. It’s about time you got a promotion. I kept telling your boss to get to it. And don’t worry about the money. I had a talk with the boss. Just bring it up and he will give you the substantial raise.

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