Well… that was awkward.

This weekend has been great. I am feeling better and like a human being again! The video I posted last night was fueled by beer and cigarettes while Little J destroyed my apartment with her sleepover buddy and J was off working at a basketball game. It was a lot of fun… for me. I’ll take a little me time any way I can get it. Especially since the 3 of us have been home together ALL week because I was sick and they had snow days. To say I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow would be an understatement.

Today I took the sleepover kid home then dumped Little J at a different kid’s birthday. It is the child of someone I’ve become friends with over the past couple of years. She’s the mom I look to when I’m wanting to drink wine and talk nonsense for hours. We do a lot of kid/mommy play dates so she was probably expecting me to stay at the party. I felt bad when I told her I was just dropping off.. but I wasn’t showered and was too hung-over to deal with 20 screaming kids running around her house. Fuck that.

When I arrive to collect my kid, I walked into sheer chaos. Seriously you guys…. there were kids running around with long balloon heart wand/sword thingys beating each other while practically clawing at the mom to get into the piñata she was holding. It was ugly.

She explained that due to lack of space/ability, the piñata would not be suspended from the ceiling. Then she decided she would just dump it onto the floor and let them have at it. This is what happened:


I thought a picture would be the easiest way to describe what happened. In case you can’t decipher my masterpiece though.. here’s the scoop. The Mom decided to toss the candy over the couch to the living room (from the dining room). There was one path for the kids to stampede through to get the candy. The birthday girl’s grandmother happened to be standing directly in their way. They trampled her. She fell down. It took her 3 minutes to get up.


That was awkward.


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