My apologies.

I realize that I did a rash thing this past weekend. I posted a crazy, in-your-face video which is now the official music video/theme song of my life (I’m kind of a big deal). What I didn’t do, and what I’m usually so good at.. the back story.

So here goes.

My husband and I have mutual friends that are a lot of fun. We met them at a party at his house when we first started dating. Back when he lived with a bunch of dudes that partied a lot. The wife taught at a school where one of J’s roommates worked. Long story short, we four became friends and party and have family-friendly weekends and go to NLL lacrosse games in Philly.

Indoor lacrosse games.. on the Flyers’ ice. Anyway, we went and had drinks then ate at the bar and schlepped on foot to our hotel just down the street. After a well deserved nap, we geared up for round 2. Round 2 included an uncountable number of Jack & Diets, dancing and chatting and people watching for hours, riding a mechanical bull, sitting by outdoor fires and dancing on tables.

Dancing. On fucking tables.

People… that shit was on my bucket list.

I LOVE TO DANCE. Maybe I’ve never mentioned that about myself… but my favorite release of energy is dancing until I’m breathless to loud ass music.

Usually I get my fix from Just Dance 2014 with Little J but sometimes… just every so often.. I get to do it FOR REAL.

At a bar.

Where people are encouraged to dance on tables.

I swear!!!! The fucking band was practically begging people to dance on the tables! I couldn’t very well ignore their requests. After all, I love to dance.

For the record, I rode the bull for a minute. Proof below, minus the accompanying music video.

We’re going again in April… you can bet your ass I’m looking forward to it!!

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