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Things people actually said to me today:

Coworker 1: Oh my gawd, I cannot believe the schools were delayed two hours! The roads were FINE! In fact, the roads are even worse now than they were this morning because of the rain! Ugh! I swear to gawd I am going to hire an attorney and sue the school district for time lost … Continue reading

20 things the poor really do every day

Originally posted on Ben Irwin:
Dave Ramsey probably wasn’t expecting this much pushback when he shared a piece by Tim Corley contrasting the habits of the rich with those of the poor. In her response on CNN, Rachel Held Evans noted that Ramsey and Corley mistake correlation for causality when they suggest (without actually proving)…

#NewYearNewMe – Atypical Resolutions

#NewYearNewMe – Atypical Resolutions

Okay folks, it’s here. The post you’ve all been hoping I wouldn’t write! I’m having a hard time with the title though… #dididothisright? Is this not the proper platform for hashbrowns? What the fuck is a tweeter anyway? As a 28-year-old, I find that I am already one of those old people who has no … Continue reading



I’m sitting around solo tonight because my husband is “working” a basketball game. Not actually coaching, more of a security type position. Anyway. I’m looking around because I did a lot of picking up, straightening and cleaning this evening. I like to survey my work and look for anything I might have missed while I … Continue reading

Tap tap tap… Is this thing on?

Most of you know, because you’re stalkers loyal followers, that I had a blog before this one. If you didn’t know – now you do! My first blog was started in January 2013 and was titled Unfinished Bizness. I fucking loved that blog. I killed last winter after a run in with my father. He … Continue reading


That’s how I’m feeling today. (Note: I did a Google search to make sure that is a real word. I use it all the time, never bothered to fact check myself.) It is real. And my irritability is so real. It’s all because I had to work today when J & Little J get to … Continue reading


That’s how Little J’s first time sledding down a big hill was… complete and epic fail. Not only did she evict herself from her own sled at the bottom of the hill, but…. I’ll let you see for yourself: She got back up the hill in one piece, luckily.

White and Mushy

  We don’t really like it that way, but that’s how we always seem to get it. Just enough to get us excited then leave us feeling disappointed. Pretty to look at, but not to touch. Snow. My party of 3 is heading outdoors to assess the play situation. Specifically, to test the small hill … Continue reading