I went into a fit of rage this morning because of gloves.

I yelled and screamed.

I threw gloves and hats and scarves ALL over my living while furiously searching for a pair that would fit Little J’s hands.

Because the ones from last year, that she was wearing when she came home last night, have disappeared.

The new set I just bought her a couple of weeks ago, have also disappeared.

Someone is lacking the ability to take the fucking gloves off her hands and stuff them in her coat pocket. Or back pack. Or in the bag where we keep our winter gear in the front closet. Or up her ass, if that’s what will keep them from going missing on a regular basis.

There’s nothing I love more than frantically searching for gloves when I need to be leaving for work because this might be the one day all week that she has outdoor recess, and it’s cold.


I hate gloves.




6 thoughts on “GLOVES!

    • I would like to say great…. but when I added on my new responsibilities I kept all of my old ones (we are a staff of 10) so I’m completely overwhelmed. Busiest time of year… I’ll get to enjoy it more in the Spring :) Thanks for asking!!!

  1. Maybe you should put a little more of the glove-responsibility on her. Say, the next time she loses her gloves she’ll have to make do with whatever (and I mean WHATEVER) gloves you can find. Even if they’re your hubby’s. Will she be mortified to have to wear those to school? Possibly. And if she is, she’ll get the idea that losing her gloves is not cool.

    • Ironically, when we got home she found her missing pair of gloves that I recently bought her. I do need to do a better job of letting her “pay” for her mistake but the softy in me really wanted her to enjoy outdoor recess because alas, it is raining today and the weather outlook isn’t getting much better!

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