Am I vibrating? I feel like I’m vibrating.

Nothing very important to say today. I have approximately 3,466,457,750 drafts waiting to be published but simply don’t fucking feel like it. My brain is all over the place this week. I’m being buried alive at work. Which is both a good thing (job security, I’m important, blah) and a bad thing (uh, hello? being buried alive is not fun).

Last night I stayed up until 12am cleaning. I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface, but at least the kitchen – one of the bathrooms – some laundry – all dishes are done. So much left to do. Fuckkkkk I hate thinking about how much is left to do. And the more I cleaned, the more I started feeling like I’m trapped under a bunch of shit at home too. There are stacks of mail appearing on too many surfaces & piles of shoes in the wrong places and closets are bursting at the seams with SHIT that I need to go through and get rid of. Ugh.

At work, I feel like I jumped a big hurdle yesterday. Or as my coworker said, “we pushed a lot of dirt” – which feels more in line with being buried alive. There’s of course, still so much left to do… but at least some shit is done.

There is no point to this story.

Fuck off.

I love you.




3 thoughts on “Am I vibrating? I feel like I’m vibrating.

  1. I, on the other, don’t feel I have enough to do which is just as lousy a feeling as having too much to do. Why? Because it makes me feel useless. So I am making shit up to fill my (love-less) life with things like…losing some weight, running more, going to the gym more, reading more, trying to find more work, trying NOT to think about a certain Wisconsin resident (though I’m failing terribly with that one), paying attention to my cat since she spends most of the day by herself now that I have this freelance gig and my mother is out of town…um, yeah, that’s about it so far.

    (It’s pretty sad when spending more time with your cat is on your “to do” list. So very, very sad, but then so is my life.)

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