I’m not dead.

Are you there World? It’s me, Amanda.

I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m alive. I’m well. Life is never perfect but I can’t complain. It’s been a while and I’m feeling lazy so here’s your recap… In pictures:

First, my husband and I did this:


And I took a #selfie cause I was feeling pretty that night:


I did three of these as the cookie mom:


I baked these for my brother N’s 26th birthday (btw he is now 60+ days clean and has a job)!:


I took another #selfie (with a #duckface!) because I was feeling pretty at work and apparently am obsessed with myself:


This happened and it was awesome:


Little J had a sleepover for her 9th birthday:




Then she had a laser tag party:


Then her actual birthday rolled around:



Her birthday is March 17, which happened to be a snow day for both the school district and the federal government, which is what my employer goes by:


I spent some time being über domesticated. I made my own Popsicles:

Email me if you want the recipe.

I also made lemon brownies which are so fucking delicious I’ve made them twice since:


Then this happened (a nasty sty+infection) and lasted for 2 weeks with 4 trips to the doctor/ophthalmologist:


April fools day rolled around:


My bearded dragon got stuck in an awkward position:


Then spring decided to finally show up and we played outside:


Little J had lots of fun at her school’s science fair which featured hands on projects for attendees such as building an egg protector and watching an egg drop, making balloon powered mini-cars, conducting electricity through dough, and of course showing off the projects the students submitted:


Then all of a sudden, the weather was beautiful! 70*F and warmer! So we spent 5 hours at our favorite local park cooking out, playing mini golf and fishing one day:




And of course I’ve been hanging out with my #1 pussy:


Basically, I’ve been busy living life instead of complaining about it if you can even believe that!

The end.

Love, Amanda


13 thoughts on “I’m not dead.

    • Hey stranger :) I was just scrolling through yours actually… so that I can absorb some of your bitterness!!!! I do have a draft in the works about quitting smoking. It’s not cheery. Stay tuned ;)

      • Hello back stranger. I bet that a quitting smoking one could have a bitter edge to it. So are you in the middle of the quitting right now? Just wondering so I can steer clear. :)

        • I’m really just starting, just this week. And not a cold turkey situation – more of a weaning off like a baby kind of thing. Still sucks but I’m not in full-on “I’M RAGING AGAINST HUMANITY” mode yet lol :)

          • Well I wish you good luck, shorty. I’m just glad I’m all the way across the country so I don’t feel the bitter anger. On the other hand, I’m sure your daughter will really appreciate it. Do it for her.

    • If you can believe it, another one of my brothers had a birthday around the same time LOL. I hate March :) He turned 8 on March 10! No pics cause he had a boys-only party and I wasn’t invited hahaha…. to your comment below – I could never hate you! Personally I can’t do alcoholic food (and Vodka is really a stretch anyway) but I’ll keep it in mind should I ever be called on to bring treats to an adult partay! It’s good to be back :) If I can ever get my nose out of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series (I just started the third book, Storm of Swords, last night), I must make my blog rounds and stalk everyone to see what’s been happening while I was MIA!! xoxo

  1. don’t hate me for adding this, but i’ve seen this same recipe but you use vodka (lemon -flavored would work if they make that..) instead of the lemon juice in the glaze… more of an adult brownie i guess??? i dunno- i don’t drink but *h likes it. hahahaha. glad to have you back!!!!!!!!

    • How did I miss this comment?! No, not dead!!!!! Feeling dead this morning though…. stayed up too late reading and drinking wine last night… I’m a glutton for punishment!

  2. that’s too weird because I was just thinking of you today and wondering why it’d been so quiet. ;-) Sounds like you’ve had some great fun lately (other than your poor eye!) and that’s awesome, so glad!! PS I want to make those brownies so let us know the secret ingredients, please. Take care!!

    • Thanks for thinking of me! I think I’m ready to shake the dust off and write regularly again.

      It has been a really fun couple of months. I would say busy, but it hasn’t been any busier than our normal operating schedule :) the lemon brownies are SOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!! Here’s the recipe: http://www.bestyummyrecipes.com/lemony-lemon-brownies/

      The crazy swollen eye is actually Little J’s. Poor thing spent days like that :( So glad it’s back to normal now!

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