Happy Earth Day!

I don’t intend to celebrate Earth Day, unless the Girl Scout troop has something related planned for their meeting tonight. It’s not that I don’t love the Earth, I just don’t have the damn time. I have to somehow get to the after-school program to pick the kid up right at 5pm (when the tae kwon do class ends) even though I normally get there between 5:15-5:30pm. Then I have to make dinner magically appear and shove it down the kid’s throat AND have her finish her homework by 5:45pm. Then I have to go visit a friend who was in the hospital until yesterday with what she thought was a blocked artery but turns out that her stress test yielded a false positive so she went home last night AFTER I bought her cards and flowers and planned to visit yesterday.

Then I’ll most likely get stuck taking her kid to Girl Scouts even though she didn’t officially accept the offer yet, I imagine she assumes it’ll just happen either way.

So then I have to schlep said kid back home. Then it will be time to race my own kid home, throw her in the shower, rush her through a bedtime snack and dump her into her bed by 8pm. HA! I laugh because that’s always the goal but never happens.

I digress… what the fuck was I talking about anyway?

Oh yeah, Earth Day. No time to celebrate. Here’s my contribution though: I will not litter or carve my initials into trees. (Oh wait, I never do anyway).

My other contribution will be punching anyone I see littering or tree carving in the neck.





GS_SIGN_EnglishAfter publishing this post I was messing around on Facebook and came across Nasa’s very clever Earth Day idea. Which I can do because it requires mere seconds of my time! I love that!


It’s pretty cool. They are asking folks to use their signs or make their own stating where in the world they are, and take a selfie with the sign OUTSIDE somewhere! Then they are going to use the photos they receive to make a mosaic of the earth! I love shit like this. And even though I know it won’t be recognizable, I want my face in there. So Little J & I are gonna be all like ‘lemme take a selfie with this sign!” later on this evening :) Check it out. Or don’t. Whatever.


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