Posted in May 2014

Let me take you on a tour of crazy.

I broke. I knew I would. I went out and bought a pack of cigarettes at 2pm and I smoked one. And it was fucking sweet. Post-cigarette remorse crept in and I scolded myself appropriately. I said “Amanda, you WILL NOT get a cigarette on your ride home today. And because you have the self … Continue reading

Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention?

I’m not really one for religion. Or god. Or worshiping anyone other than myself. I don’t buy into the church stuff. I have my reasons… but this isn’t the time or place for all that. I say all this to say that something funny has been happening this morning. What most of you knee benders … Continue reading

Mad for no good reason.

This is me, all the time. Instead of having a really good reason or two to get mad, I pick lots of stupid little shit instead. This morning my main source of pissedoffness (yeah, I did that) was the time that Little J woke up today. Which was 4:30am. I know she can’t control that. … Continue reading

Sometimes, I just like to screw shit up.

Like quitting smoking. Doing something for a WHOLE WEEK is boring, so  I only did it for a few days. Then smoked enough cigarettes over the weekend to completely cancel out any progress made last week.. smh. The drinking didn’t help, just as I predicted. But drank anyway. Cause I have this much self-control: ZERO. … Continue reading

Avoiding temptation.

Avoiding temptation.

From where I sit, I can see my cigarettes. And my smoking chair. And my gross little oasis of serenity and alone time. The place where I’m slowly killing myself. I screwed up last night… Prob smoked 10 or 11 cigarettes. I lost count. This morning I am determined not to have one till ‘lunch … Continue reading

Cheater, cheater.

Pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn’t keep her!!! Put her in a pumpkin shell… Something something safe and well. Which has nothing to do with the fct that I specifically requested J bring home beer after his baseball game knowing full well that I smoke way more when I’m drinking because a) I want … Continue reading

Hangnails piss me off.

Anyone got a pair of clippers I can borrow? I’m about to gnaw my thumb off trying to get rid of this godforsaken annoyance.