Cheater, cheater.

Pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn’t keep her!!! Put her in a pumpkin shell… Something something safe and well.

Which has nothing to do with the fct that I specifically requested J bring home beer after his baseball game knowing full well that I smoke way more when I’m drinking because a) I want to and b) I care much less about quitting! I just finished my 7th cigarette today and my goal has been to stay 6 and under. He got a 24 pack and there’s LOTS left and he’s going out tomorrow night which leaves me alone with beer and no judgmental eyes which means I will probably repeat this shit show of smoking more than I have allowed myself. Yet I find it hard to care.

Can I be a weekend smoker? Does that still count? I did my due diligence Monday thru Friday (daytime) can I have the weekend to be a shithead?




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