A poem for my mother.

I posted the poem as images to discourage stealing :) Open this post to see it! Happy Mother’s Day xoxo.





3 thoughts on “A poem for my mother.

  1. Oh, wow. When I first looked at this post, it was blank, and i was going to say something snarky like, “Ya. That’s exactly what I would say to my mother too…” But then it opened up into this beautiful poem. What a great daughter you are. Your mom is lucky to have you- I hope she knows that :)

    • Thank you so, so much. I guess I should add something at the beginning so it doesn’t seem blank before you open it :) we celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend because she’s traveling for work all month, but I still wanted to celebrate her today too. On a whim, I wrote this poem last night in an hour.. I had no idea where I was going with it, it literally just came together. Writing it was so… Heartwarming. I appreciate that you read it all, it’s not short lol. She absolutely loved it. I read it to her over the phone before I emailed it to her because the rhythm doesn’t make much sense just reading it I think lol…. Happy Mother’s Day to you Julie!!!!

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