Divine Intervention?

I’m not really one for religion. Or god. Or worshiping anyone other than myself. I don’t buy into the church stuff. I have my reasons… but this isn’t the time or place for all that.

I say all this to say that something funny has been happening this morning. What most of you knee benders would call “divine intervention” … Amanda-style.

It started when I woke up late. Like really, really late. As in, 7:20am late and I normally leave home at 7:30am late. Rushing like a fucking maniac but keeping my cool for the kid’s sake but freaking out on the inside late. You get the picture.

We get out the door and after dropping her off at school I realized that I forgot to grab my cigarettes from the porch. So I’m cigarette-less. And I can’t stop to buy another pack because I’m LATE! Not that it should matter, because technically I’m in the process of cutting back and technically I’ve already cut out the ‘on-the-way-to-work’ cigarette. In essence, my mad dash to leave and related forgetfulness kept me from fucking up on quitting this morning. Serendipitous. Not divine.

I made it in just fine, no issues… quite pleased that I didn’t have my cigarettes because most likely I would have smoked one while I consoled myself that I would try again tomorrow. Since I was the only one here until 9:30am, I played around on the internet rather than getting right to work. Which is when I came across the following picture on my Facebook news feed:Image

So…. you see. Something is up. I will not believe that it is the work of some ‘higher power’ giving me signs and all that bullshit. I will believe that this is an intervention of the lucky kind. The world-is-spinning-how-I-need-it-to right now kind. Something more touchy, feely and tangible.

Even I can’t ignore this morning’s weird series of events… so I will see how long I can hold off without smoking today. I’m kind of curious if I can make it all the way until I get home later?! I seriously doubt it, but hey – here goes nothing!


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