Let me take you on a tour of crazy.

I broke. I knew I would. I went out and bought a pack of cigarettes at 2pm and I smoked one. And it was fucking sweet.

Post-cigarette remorse crept in and I scolded myself appropriately. I said “Amanda, you WILL NOT get a cigarette on your ride home today. And because you have the self control of a sleep-deprived teething toddler, you will leave your cigarettes AT WORK so you won’t be tempted to cheat. The pack you left at home this morning will be there for AFTER LITTLE J GOES TO BED.”

Crazy bitch, always talking to myself. So here I go…. Goodbye my pretties…….


2 thoughts on “Let me take you on a tour of crazy.

  1. I have a REALLY good reason why you should stop smoking. Little J. Why? Because if she should happen to decide to start smoking once she hits teenage-dom, you won’t be able to say anything to her because all she’s going to do is say one thing to you that will stop you in your tracks: But, mom, YOU smoke.

    And it’s true. You can’t tell your kid not to smoke if you’re sitting there puffing away. ; )

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