For old times sake.

My little brother, N, used to make beautiful music. There was one year of his life in particular when he was reeling with heartbreak from a relationship ending that he put out song after amazing song to ease his pain. Those were the days before heroin was used to ease pain instead.

I found a CD that he made today as I was going through a box to do some unpacking.. still.. and I have not been right since. When I first played it, I burst into tears. To hear his voice, hear him singing.. it’s something that I haven’t heard since my wedding day. And even on that day (as he told me in a nasty ass text message).. he was fucked up on the bad stuff.

So for my heart, for my soul.. for old times sake, I sang a song with him again. One that we used to sing together at family parties. One song that made me feel so special and so important because my voice was part of it. I give to you, track #18.


One thought on “For old times sake.

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