When I should be doing other things, I do this instead.

I was not at work on Monday. I left work at 11:30am yesterday. Today I am here but really expecting to get another call from the clinic at Little J’s school again before the day is out. So I should really be working my ass off to catch up and do as much as I can while I’m here…  but you know what?

I don’t fuckin want to.

I’m distracted as shit. My poor Little J has been feeling like shit for the past 2 weeks and in the last 4 days has gotten worse. Cough, stuffy nose, headaches, congestion.. you know. Seasonal allergy kind of shit. So I’ve been trying all kinds of home remedies and even brought her to the Dr. on Monday and still nothing…

Did I OD her on antihistamines by giving her Benadryl this morning after she’s been using Claritin for 2 days? Will this annoying ass cough of hers ever go away? Will she know to buy lunch since the lunch box at school is old from yesterday that didn’t get brought home and the one I packed her this morning is still sitting on the kitchen counter? Did I turn all the lights off? Does recycling go out today or tomorrow? What’s on the meal plan for tonight?? I totally did not take anything out to defrost so.. fuck. When is the last time the bearded dragon got fed? I need to clean bathrooms. Did N move in with that guy? I need to call my mom for an update. I wonder how the family reunion went. I hope the check I wrote for travel soccer doesn’t bounce. Crap, I put the white soccer uniform in the dryer and it’s supposed to be line-dried… AND it’s still sitting in there cause I never got it out last night. I wonder if my ex still has a job, haven’t gotten child support in 6 weeks. I fuckin need that child support money so bad right now.

That’s what’s going through my mind today. That’s why I don’t want to do any work. I’m too busy thinking and worrying about shit.


6 thoughts on “When I should be doing other things, I do this instead.

    • Thankfully no. I took her back to the doctor this afternoon cause, like clockwork, the call came from the clinic again. She has a cold/sinus infection. Started an antibiotic tonight. Fingers crossed!

        • Thank you.. although I’ve been thinking and thinking.. what if there’s mold in our new house?! There’s a water situation in the laundry room that our landlord says is from A/C condensation but what it there’s a leak somewhere and there’s mold in the walls?? It would explain why she’s been staying the same and slightly worse instead of better after days of meds! Just rambling.

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