Sometimes good things happen too!

I don’t know if I ever wrote about my move on the blog… It happened at the end of July. We are renting a townhouse with 3 bedrooms and lots of awesome perks for $300 less monthly rent than our 2 bedroom apartment was. Zip codes, people. In Northern Virginia, you pay for the zip code in your address. Because we are not in as nice of an area, the rent is significantly lower. But the area we moved to is also really nice. This county is stupid.

Moving on.

Even though we are only 15 minutes away from our old place, Little J had to switch schools. And with switching schools came switching her Girl Scout troop and Tae Kwon Do ‘school’ as well. There’s been a fair amount of upheaval and newness around these parts. It feels sort of lonely not only for her, but for me too.

Tonight we went to the new school’s first social function and I felt like the new kid! Little J ran off with her friends to eat ice cream and I sat at the loser table with my phone. Later I trailed her (at a distance, of course) to the playground where her little party moved to.

I saw out of the corner of my eye someone coming up to me on my left side. I froze. I don’t really do the whole casual small talk with complete strangers thing very well. Then that someone said “well would you look at this!”

Damn if it wasn’t one of the before-school teachers from her old school! One that I adored and joked around with every morning when I dropped Little J off. Turns out her family moved into this school pyramid last summer and her son switched to that new school even though she still worked at the old one.

If that wasn’t crazy coincidental enough, I found out that they live IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! She is someone that I really connected with but would have never made plans with before because she was one of Little J’s ‘teachers’. Now she isn’t though. And she’s even accessible on foot. I think I made myself a new, legit friend tonight.

So even though you only ever see me bitching and complaining about how awful everything is.. Good stuff happens too sometimes.


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