I’m sick of being the do-er of all the shit.

The one who does the laundry. And the dishes. And the picking up and cleaning. And making the lunches. And the dinners. And the meal plan and the grocery list. And buying the food. And paying the bills. And fixing the broken things. And feeding the pets. And helping the kid homework. And the comforting on bad days. And listening to the violin practice. And chauffeuring. And making sure all the shit gets where it needs to go each day. And managing the calendar. And drinking the wine.




Fuck all this shit.

I have a huge conference for work next week and I’m being pulled in a million different directions. Somehow I’m a ‘hub’ there too. I’m sick of it.

Everyone, go fuck yourselves. I have a lot of nothing to do right now. Which includes ordering in and instructing my husband to bring home wine.

Right after I get my pjs on.

5 thoughts on “I’m sick of being the do-er of all the shit.

    • He works at a high school and coaches football and baseball so I’m on duty mornings and evenings while he’s ‘in season’. It’s exhausting. Baseball season just ended so I dump as much shit in his lap as possible before football camp starts in August!

  1. Well, take some comfort from the fact that at least other people seem to think you are uber-competent or they wouldn’t drop everything on top of you… other than that, enjoy the wine, and I hope your PJs are comfy! ;)

  2. Well, since you’ve got nothing to do, stop on by the Bitter Blog and there is a contest going on. You might have a chance to redeem yourself since you didn’t win that first one I had years ago. If not, sorry about all the work you are doing.

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