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Sometimes, you just know.

Have you ever met someone online and thought “you know what? I bet if I knew <Insert name here> in person, we would be really good friends! Oh, come on. I know I’m not the only one! At least one other person has felt this way because last week I had the opportunity to turn … Continue reading

Tap tap tap… Is this thing on?

Most of you know, because you’re stalkers loyal followers, that I had a blog before this one. If you didn’t know – now you do! My first blog was started in January 2013 and was titled Unfinished Bizness. I fucking loved that blog. I killed last winter after a run in with my father. He … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

And was it Kwanzaa recently? I was wished a Happy Kwanzaa more than once, which is weird because I don’t celebrate it. I guess I should have flown off the handle and gotten really offended because of that… but instead I just said thanks and smiled. Cause that shit doesn’t bother me. Happy fucking Hanukkah, … Continue reading

So lazy that I’m gonna……

NOT FINISH ANYTHING apparently. I have three drafts in my queue right now. All started on vastly different topics and on dates far apart from each other. I just can’t ever seem to get to the “PUBLISH” button. But why not? I want to write so badly. Then I sit down, put fingers to keys, … Continue reading

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

People of the internet, you can breathe now. I know you’ve been holding your breath for what seemed like an eternity, waiting in front of your computer for Write in the Wrong Way to reappear. And where the hell do I get off going radio silent like that anyway?! I’m such a naughty blogger. To … Continue reading

DP: I wish I could sing.

DP: I wish I could sing.

I love to sing. LOVE IT! I sing all the time, all day… every day. But I’m not so very good at it. It’s not so bad that you would cover your ears and run for the hills, but it’s not America’s Got Talent worthy either (I know there are actually singing talent shows, but … Continue reading

I will not hold your hand, nor will I hide.

B: “How’s it going?” Me: “Good.. getting settled into the school routine. I’m coaching her soccer team so that’s been fun, we have the second game tomorrow.” B: “Sweet” 20 minutes pass… no other text messages come. Me: “… how have you been?” B: “Pretty good. Just working a lot. Nothing exciting to report haha.” … Continue reading

Roll out the multicolored carpet!

Roll out the multicolored carpet!

Red carpets are for noobs. Real superstars like me deserve something better, something much MORE than red!  I hope you’re not wondering why the hell I suddenly believe that I’m worthy of this honor… you should know that I am. If you’re wondering WHAT I’m talking about.. I need to you keep up with my … Continue reading