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I can’t do it yet.

I’m trying to write about my father. I’m trying to write about a potential major mistake that I made. I just published a post that was supposed to cover those topics, but it didn’t. Instead, it was a flashback to 1994. Why? I opened the blank post… saw the cursor blinking… started formulating the title … Continue reading


That’s how I’m feeling today. (Note: I did a Google search to make sure that is a real word. I use it all the time, never bothered to fact check myself.) It is real. And my irritability is so real. It’s all because I had to work today when J & Little J get to … Continue reading

Insert clever title here.

This draft was started on 11/5/13. It is the second of three that I’m publishing BLIND! As per my own rules (which can be found here) I’m publishing this post as is. I’m not sorry for any ridiculous errors. This is the rules folks. Well hello there blogging buddies!  I don’t know if you’d actually … Continue reading

Whimsical Wednesday & Thwarted Thursday

This is gonna be one of those posts that ramble… so get comfortable and just cross your eyes now. After writing earlier, I’m in the mood to write again, ironic huh? Maybe a little reverse psychology or some shit. So here we go. Head soccer coach dude cancelled practice today because of “rain” – it … Continue reading

Doing the least and gaining the most.

This post is a follow-up to I will not wait for you. We did eventually Skype with B on Saturday, and it was awkward as shit. Here’s how it went down: Me (9:27am): Are you still good for this morning? B (12:10pm): I haven’t had a chance to get a webcam yet, I will go … Continue reading

I will not wait for you.

Adventures in Baby Daddy land… The past 2 weekends I have attempted to set up a Skype call with B. The first weekend, the ball was in his court to buy a webcam and let me know when he was ready. The text never came. The second weekend the ball was in my court, to … Continue reading


Some questions: Why am I up at 1:42am? My pregnant best friend called me at midnight to say she was on her way to the hospital because she was having contractions 4 minutes apart. She’s due on November 20, you do the math there. The reason that I’m still up is because I have the … Continue reading