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I’m sick of being the do-er of all the shit.

The one who does the laundry. And the dishes. And the picking up and cleaning. And making the lunches. And the dinners. And the meal plan and the grocery list. And buying the food. And paying the bills. And fixing the broken things. And feeding the pets. And helping the kid homework. And the comforting … Continue reading

Sometimes good things happen too!

I don’t know if I ever wrote about my move on the blog… It happened at the end of July. We are renting a townhouse with 3 bedrooms and lots of awesome perks for $300 less monthly rent than our 2 bedroom apartment was. Zip codes, people. In Northern Virginia, you pay for the zip … Continue reading

What do you do when you’re not sure?

This morning was great. Like, really super awesome for a Monday! I woke up relatively on-time. Managed to shower and dress in record time. Casually descended the stairs (because we now live in a TOWNHOUSE instead of an APARTMENT). Then I made the kid lunch! Which isn’t really such a big deal.. but it’s a … Continue reading

Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention?

I’m not really one for religion. Or god. Or worshiping anyone other than myself. I don’t buy into the church stuff. I have my reasons… but this isn’t the time or place for all that. I say all this to say that something funny has been happening this morning. What most of you knee benders … Continue reading

Sometimes, I just like to screw shit up.

Like quitting smoking. Doing something for a WHOLE WEEK is boring, so  I only did it for a few days. Then smoked enough cigarettes over the weekend to completely cancel out any progress made last week.. smh. The drinking didn’t help, just as I predicted. But drank anyway. Cause I have this much self-control: ZERO. … Continue reading

Avoiding temptation.

Avoiding temptation.

From where I sit, I can see my cigarettes. And my smoking chair. And my gross little oasis of serenity and alone time. The place where I’m slowly killing myself. I screwed up last night… Prob smoked 10 or 11 cigarettes. I lost count. This morning I am determined not to have one till ‘lunch … Continue reading