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That’s how I’m feeling today. (Note: I did a Google search to make sure that is a real word. I use it all the time, never bothered to fact check myself.) It is real. And my irritability is so real. It’s all because I had to work today when J & Little J get to … Continue reading

Doing the least and gaining the most.

This post is a follow-up to I will not wait for you. We did eventually Skype with B on Saturday, and it was awkward as shit. Here’s how it went down: Me (9:27am): Are you still good for this morning? B (12:10pm): I haven’t had a chance to get a webcam yet, I will go … Continue reading

I will not wait for you.

Adventures in Baby Daddy land… The past 2 weekends I have attempted to set up a Skype call with B. The first weekend, the ball was in his court to buy a webcam and let me know when he was ready. The text never came. The second weekend the ball was in my court, to … Continue reading


Some questions: Why am I up at 1:42am? My pregnant best friend called me at midnight to say she was on her way to the hospital because she was having contractions 4 minutes apart. She’s due on November 20, you do the math there. The reason that I’m still up is because I have the … Continue reading