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Another car accident.

Can you even believe it? I’m in shock myself. That’s three accidents in my family since April. This time it’s not my husband or daughter though, it’s my mother and stepfather. As usual, the situation is still in progress. I have very few details. I just dropped little J and her friend off at a Girl … Continue reading

Insert clever title here.

This draft was started on 11/5/13. It is the second of three that I’m publishing BLIND! As per my own rules (which can be found here) I’m publishing this post as is. I’m not sorry for any ridiculous errors. This is the rules folks. Well hello there blogging buddies!  I don’t know if you’d actually … Continue reading


Last Saturday started out like any normal Saturday. Woke up nice and early to do breakfast and some chores before heading to our 9:15am soccer game. Lost the game 5-0. You know, normal shit. Came home and did some more chores while Little J relaxed and had lunch. My parents were due in at 4:30pm to … Continue reading