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For old times sake.

My little brother, N, used to make beautiful music. There was one year of his life in particular when he was reeling with heartbreak from a relationship ending that he put out song after amazing song to ease his pain. Those were the days before heroin was used to ease pain instead. I found a … Continue reading

Things in need of updating:

1- It is no longer freezing cold, just regular cold. It actually rained today. 2-My brother is back in rehab. Just finished up detox and is proactively creating a future plan with his new counselor. As in, could be classified as genuinely looking forward to go to Florida to a long-term treatment center. This, my … Continue reading

White and Mushy

  We don’t really like it that way, but that’s how we always seem to get it. Just enough to get us excited then leave us feeling disappointed. Pretty to look at, but not to touch. Snow. My party of 3 is heading outdoors to assess the play situation. Specifically, to test the small hill … Continue reading

Quickies are fun!

Good morning people of the internet! This post is coming to you live from my desk, at work. Normally I would be super pissed about working the day after Christmas.. but I love my job so much that I don’t really mind. Someone (2 people, specifically) have to stay here to keep the office open … Continue reading

Seeking: A little peace.

This morning, like so many mornings of my life, I flew off the handle. Yelled and screamed. Raged on my innocent little 8-year-old daughter. Totally acted like a goddamn fool. Why? Well, my excuses this morning ranged from “because this apartment is a fucking disaster!” to “since when does read-in day at school mean blankets … Continue reading

There’s a first for everything.

Good people of the internet… all 6 of my followers.. I am having an awesome fucking weekend :) I took a vacation day yesterday, which is a first in and of itself. Of course I took many vacation days for my wedding and honeymoon, but I’ve never taken one “just because.” I have this strange … Continue reading