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So lazy that I’m gonna……

NOT FINISH ANYTHING apparently. I have three drafts in my queue right now. All started on vastly different topics and on dates far apart from each other. I just can’t ever seem to get to the “PUBLISH” button. But why not? I want to write so badly. Then I sit down, put fingers to keys, … Continue reading

On the road.

That’s where this post comes to you from! Somewhere between DE and VA, USA. Actually we’re pretty close to the bay bridge which is how we mark the halfway point home. I’m not really writing with any intent, just passing the time to keep my mind off my husband’s driving. I love him dearly but … Continue reading

Shhhhh! I’m hunting wabbits…

I’m actually trying to find a wedding band for under $200 that will look nice with my engagement ring. That used to belong to my great, great, great-grandmother. From Italy. So the engagement ring is gorgeous and the other word I keep thinking to describe it is “quiet” – because it’s not flashy. It’s intricate. … Continue reading