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The end is near.

This draft was started on 11/18/13. The last of this 3-part “draft” series. As per my own rules (which can be found here) I’m publishing this post as is. I’m not sorry for any ridiculous errors. This is the rules folks. I can feel it. We’re almost there… the light is dim but I can … Continue reading

An anticlimactic response.

If you didn’t read On being “that” person, go check that out first or this won’t make sense. I’ll wait. Not a problem,  they are all yours. Not offense taken.  I have always said.  You are the coaches.   Let me know if you want help. I am sure you will do fine. You have … Continue reading

Winner winner chicken dinner.

There are few things I love more than playing with words and phrases. It’s not good blogging etiquette to sit and explain to you how the title ties into the content but I’m going to anyway.. cause that’s the whole point! Write in the Wrong Way… get it??? Winner: I won tickets to an acoustic O.A.R. … Continue reading