Stripey Thoughts

Tonight we connect
As we do
Just we two
Sending out our songs
Mine- word wars
Yours all guitars
Talking out of turn
Seems we sing
Of everything
Those battlefields ours
Same enemy
Will ever be
Levelling a shot
Syringe or bottle
What’s to startle
Such as who we are
All we’ve been
All we have seen
Can’t stay here oh no

Tonight we connect
My heart poisoned
Knowing you’ve sinned
Only against yourself.
Got back up
Riding hurt
My friend so deeply loved.
Hug the kids
Love amidst
Our perfect escape hatch

It’s broken….

But tonight we connect
As we do
Me and you
Tonight I’ll respect
Memory of
I never thought I’d say
Thank God you’re in L.A.

Hold on til tomorrow.
Get through tonight…


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