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Mad for no good reason.

This is me, all the time. Instead of having a really good reason or two to get mad, I pick lots of stupid little shit instead. This morning my main source of pissedoffness (yeah, I did that) was the time that Little J woke up today. Which was 4:30am. I know she can’t control that. … Continue reading


Last Saturday started out like any normal Saturday. Woke up nice and early to do breakfast and some chores before heading to our 9:15am soccer game. Lost the game 5-0. You know, normal shit. Came home and did some more chores while Little J relaxed and had lunch. My parents were due in at 4:30pm to … Continue reading



When you have a good boss, life is fucking awesome. My boss isn’t even here this week, he’s on vacation. There are a total of 4 living, breathing humans in my office today: Myself, office manager, accountant & program specialist. Boss man sent an email to office manager and told her we can all leave … Continue reading

Checking in.

Been MIA for a few days… haven’t really felt like writing. Was home “sick” on Friday because my head was full of mucous and I prefer to suffer alone. Weekend plans fell through, but got a lot of stuff done around the apartment. Having a rough blah kinda week already… hoping soccer practice tonight with … Continue reading