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I’m sick of being the do-er of all the shit.

The one who does the laundry. And the dishes. And the picking up and cleaning. And making the lunches. And the dinners. And the meal plan and the grocery list. And buying the food. And paying the bills. And fixing the broken things. And feeding the pets. And helping the kid homework. And the comforting … Continue reading

Let me take you on a tour of crazy.

I broke. I knew I would. I went out and bought a pack of cigarettes at 2pm and I smoked one. And it was fucking sweet. Post-cigarette remorse crept in and I scolded myself appropriately. I said “Amanda, you WILL NOT get a cigarette on your ride home today. And because you have the self … Continue reading

Am I vibrating? I feel like I’m vibrating.

Am I vibrating? I feel like I’m vibrating.

Nothing very important to say today. I have approximately 3,466,457,750 drafts waiting to be published but simply don’t fucking feel like it. My brain is all over the place this week. I’m being buried alive at work. Which is both a good thing (job security, I’m important, blah) and a bad thing (uh, hello? being … Continue reading

Things people actually said to me today:

Coworker 1: Oh my gawd, I cannot believe the schools were delayed two hours! The roads were FINE! In fact, the roads are even worse now than they were this morning because of the rain! Ugh! I swear to gawd I am going to hire an attorney and sue the school district for time lost … Continue reading

Tap tap tap… Is this thing on?

Most of you know, because you’re stalkers loyal followers, that I had a blog before this one. If you didn’t know – now you do! My first blog was started in January 2013 and was titled Unfinished Bizness. I fucking loved that blog. I killed last winter after a run in with my father. He … Continue reading


That’s how I’m feeling today. (Note: I did a Google search to make sure that is a real word. I use it all the time, never bothered to fact check myself.) It is real. And my irritability is so real. It’s all because I had to work today when J & Little J get to … Continue reading



im·ma·te·ri·al [im-uh-teer-ee-uhl] adjective 1. of no essential consequence; unimportant. 2.not pertinent; irrelevant. My feet are burning hot but my arms are freezing cold. That’s what happens when you use a space heater on the floor in front of your feet and under your desk. Your poor arms get no love. Not only that, but they … Continue reading