Thoughts of the Day

I wish this had occurred to me when I started the blog. Since it didn’t, you will get this collection starting from 4/7/13. As you can see, it died off on 8/2/13… life is getting in the way and being all needy for attention. I’ll get back to this eventually.. maybe?

Published 8/2/13: Wedding Recap: Centerpieces

8/2/13, 1:23pm – So… turns out I still have a Crafts page on this blog. The tab is up at the top, see it? Click it. Love it. Don’t be sad, I’ll add more soon :) (In Amanda speak: soon = someday)

Published 7/30/13: That just happened.

Published 7/28/13: When I don’t have weekend plans:

Published 7/27/13: She’s sick and twisted!

Published 7/26/13: Shut up and do work chickens. and Just got my socks rocked.

Published 7/25/13: Out of Focus

7/25/13, 3:15pm – I am going to be 20lbs heavier by the time this “monthly cycle” is over.  M&Ms, Peanut butter ice cream cup, Soda, Pie… oh my fucking god.

Published 7/24/13: Guilty Conscience and I have PWTSD.

Published 7/23/13: Desperate

Published 7/21/13: Pajama Day

Published 7/17/13: Have I ever told you?

Published 7/16/13: Death by Peanut Butter

7/16/13, 4:53pm – I hate when people call you, you call them back, and they don’t answer. Did you call me then throw your phone out the fucking window??

Published 7/15/13: How does this thing go again?

Published 7/12/13: I’m baaaaaack!

Published 6/22/13: The home stretch.

Published 6/11/13: Rain keeps falling..

Published 6/7/13: Got Milk?

6/5/13, 1:36pm – When I forget that I have a “Thoughts of the day” widget, it does not get updated. But now I’m baaaaaack…. say hello to my little sidebar!

Published 6/4/13: Things I Can’t Make Up (and that piss me off)

Published 6/3/13: Nerd Alert

Published 5/29/13: Fuck you Northern Virginia and Why I will never be a child abductor.

Published 5/20/13: Hey there Colorado…

Published 5/16/13: Best. Description. Ever.

Published 5/15/13: Needed: 1 Giggle Inducing Poem

Published 5/14/13: Helpless Heartbreak. and What does the inside of your mind look like?

5/14/13, 12:02pm – I wish I could leave work, go home, crawl into bed and stay there. I need to be alone with my thoughts so I can cry and sniffle when I want, not have to pretend to be happy all day.

Published 5/12/13: Exactly.

Published 5/10/13: Escaping DC

Published 5/9/13: This post is boring, don’t read it.

5/9/13, 11:09am – Feeling a little more normal today. Played hookie from work yesterday n got a bunch of stuff done, that helped :)

Published 5/7/13: I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

5/7/13, 4:19pm: I am taking a break to update my blog because I need to pretend to be busy for the next 10 minutes. Then I will try not to fall asleep in the car, pick my kid up and be annoyed, feed her a shitty dinner, stay up all night planning the wedding. Fucking shoot me now.

Published 5/3/13: Christmas… in May!

Published 5/1/13: Fake it till you make it.

Published 4/29/13: Shhhhh! I’m hunting wabbits…

4/29/13, 2:47pm – I guess Karma is bitch slapping me for all the mean things I wrote about my wedding on here recently. I’m sleep deprived from a wedding planning all-nighter and realized that today marks exactly 2 months until the “big day”. Fuck.

4/28/13, 9:10am – Ended up making yesterday a great day, despite the car issue. Little J had a friend sleepover, I’m about to hand their asses to them in Just Dance 4 :)

Published 4/27/13: Saturday morning rage.

4/27/13, 7:41am – Have you ever looked at my “LAUGH!” page? No? Well go check it out I just added another funny picture to it :) (HINT: the tab is under my header photo)

Published 4/26/13: Stuff I Love, Random Acts of Kindness and Short People Problems

4/26/13, 8:45pm – When the kid goes to bed, I get real excited cause I can finally stop “working”. Then 5 minutes later I’m fucking bored. BORED I TELL YOU!

4/26/13, 8:56am – It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! That is all.

Published 4/25/13: “You may now kiss the bride.”

4/25/13, 2:01pm – Falling asleep at the keyboard, I grab a handful of dried fruit trail mix. Now I’m wide awake cause that shit was NASTY!

4/25/13, 11:06am – I am working on a video of things that make being short a pain in the ass. I promise you will enjoy it :)

4/24/13, 10:57am – Ate my huge slice of humble pie last night… feeling very somber today. Must… find… a… pick-me-up.

Published 4/23/13: So what you’re saying is… I’m a shitty mom?

4/23/13, 4:55pm – Didn’t work today because my fiance got in an accident first thing this morning and we’ve spent the entire day “doing stuff” as a result! ARGHHH!!!!!

Published 4/22/13: Late again.

4/22/13, 11:05am – I feel very fortunate that so much of my time at work is spent screwing around on WP and not actually working. Oh, and drinking coffee. I do lots of that :)

4/22/13, 10:04am – Leftover half of my Subway tuna sub for breakfast. That’s what the hell I call a good Monday!!

Published 4/21/13: You will never be prepared, get over it., Parenting: Guerilla Warfare Style, Inspiring folks since 2012. and Drones

4/21/13, 11:56am – Nothing annoys me more than being hungry and not knowing what I want to eat. Grr.

4/21/13, 4:28am – Why am I up at this ungodly hour? Because I fell asleep on the couch, woke up thirsty, been sneezing now I’m all sniffly and miserable and can’t fall back asleep. That’s why.

Published 4/19/13: It’s been a pretty fucked up week.

4/19/13, 12:10pm – I can’t understand why police and the feds have not caught this one 19 year old PUNK. It has been HOURS you have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE with their lives on hold, holding their breath – and still this fucking punk is out there on the loose.

Published 4/18/13: Stuff I Hate

4/18/13, 11:44am – I’m a hungry, hungry hippo. Err, human. I’m afraid to get lunch after yesterday’s debacle… WHAT TO EAT?!

4/18/13, 9:22am – I love drinking coffee. Lots of coffee. I hate having to pee constantly though from 8am – 11am. STUPID small bladder!!!!

Published 4/17/13: Seeking: Food that doesn’t SUCK!

4/17/13, 1:59pm – I’m over it. All of it. I want to go home, put my face into my fridge and cry. And then drink some beer… but I don’t even have any. I might pick up wine on the way home. After buying 2 gross lunches today I must be on some sort of consumables spending spree?!

4/17/13, 10:00am – The last 2 days have been crazy at work. Finally, almost, back to normal today. Blog to come later… aren’t you excited?!

Published 4/15/13: Tragedy.

4/15/14, 8:20pm – Been going 100mph since I woke up this morning.. Can’t wait for the kid to finish getting ready for bed so I can blog!!

PS- Heard about this Boston Marathon bullshit. I’ve been trying to tell people that running is bad for you! Haha.. bad humor. (Too soon?)

Published 4/14/13: The #1 way to waste 2 hours of your life, Rush her to the burn unit! and 13 things I’ve learned as a parent.

4/13/13, 8:14am – I wish I wasn’t on my computer this early in the morning… or that I hadn’t waken up at 6:30am today. Didn’t even exercise with that extra free time, just played Words with Friends!!!

Published 4/12/13: My daughter is in a tree.

4/12/13, 6:27pm – Can you believe this is the first time I’ve been on my blog today? We have two events next week at work so I’ve been busting my ass like a CRAZY person all day! TFIF (Thank Fuck It’s Friday)!!!!!

Published 4/11/13: Something you should never say to another parent:

4/11/13, 9:38am – I didn’t take a shower this morning because I took one late last night and I woke up late this morning and sniffed myself and didn’t smell bad. This is the first time I’ve ever come to work without showering first… it’s also the first few days I’ve ever taken a shower at night (after I worked out). Weird. Hope I don’t stink.

Published 4/10/13: Confession: I’m a cheater.

4/10/13, 2:04pm – Can you believe I am just now getting free time to play on my blog? The NERVE of my job making me too busy to blog!! I guess it’s karma punishing me for being such a bad girl last night/this morning…

Published 4/9/13: 16 and pregnant: my own story. and Is this what an identity crisis feels like?

4/9/13, 2:40pm – Two posts all about yours truly today. You’re welcome. Now I want to go HOME! Oh wait no I don’t.. there’s exercise and healthy (not yummy) dinner waiting for me. ^@$%^@$&%

4/9/13, 9:05am – I find it ironic that the week I take up running is also the week that crap with pollen has begun blooming so now am I not only in pain around the clock, I’m also stuffed up and miserable. AWESOME!

Published 4/8/13: Hungry = Deadly

4/8/13, 2:51pm – I find that I’m dropping the F bomb a lot today. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. So fuck.

4/8/13, 9:30am – Back to work. My wedding dress fitting is this Saturday so I have to bust my ass to be less fat by the end of this week. Drinking a lot of water and eating 5 tiny stupid meals and running and Zumba and UGH! I hate being fat but I hate getting skinnier even more. What’s a girl to do?!

Published 4/7/13: Chemical Warfare

4/7/13, 11:32pm – Sunday night. No walking dead to make my brain happy. Just me, this Miller Lite and a stuffy fuckin nose.

4/7/13, 8:22am – At first I was mad about Little J waking me up at 7am on a Sunday.. but she’s been extremely quiet watching TV on the couch so I’m sitting here plugging along with our wedding registry.

BTW – creating a wedding registry is both really fun and a HUGE pain in the ass simultaneously.

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